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The Couch

The first drawing, unless you count the RSS feed thing, which I don’t. I told you I need to work on my skills. I am also starting to play with water color. I need some work on that too.


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(re)Learning to draw

I was reading the book Chasing the Perfect by Natalia Ilyin not too long ago and she talks in the first chapter about what she calls the “no-draw rule” for graphic designers. (There is a nice long post about this over at Speak Up) This rule, Ilyin says, is a hold over from the early days of modernism. Something that stemed from the belief that drawing is a craft and is below the work of a designer, the idea maker. I think that this rule used to apply, but not so much any more. Designers draw all the time, and draw well. I think I fall less under the no-draw rule and more under the can’t-draw rule.

Don’t get me wrong, I can make sketches, and I can make a drawing well enough to get my point across to my students when trying to express an idea or help them visualize their ideas. But I can’t DRAW. I can’t make pretty pictures that make people say “I wish I could do that. He is SO creative!” And I want to. Really bad. I see things that make me say “Hey, that looks like fun. I wish I could do that.” So I have decided that I am going to learn how to draw again.

I used to be ok at drawing. I had an instructor for a life drawing course that actually thought I was a drawing major (my greatest moment as a drawer). So I used to be able to do it, and fairly well. But I have forgotten how. I was watching an episode of the PBS show Art:21 not too long ago and Richard Serra was one of their featured artists. There are a lot of shots of him walking around his sculptures and making drawings of them. When asked what he is doing he said that he is “keeping his eye and hand together.” He talks about keeping his hand and eye together, in coordination with what he sees. The more you draw, the better you see. It is that philosophy, or attitude, that has real application to all forms of visual communication, design included. And that is why I want to learn how to draw, again.

So my goal is, ideally, to make a drawing every day. But I will settle for one a week if the daily thing doesn’t work out. I hope to post said drawings here so the whole world can watch me learn how to draw again. And if no one sees, then at least I have a digital back-up if I ever loose my sketchbook.

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A Good Friday

Today was a good day for us here in Abu Dhabi. Kristin gave a good talk on prayer and fasting at church today. She was very nervous, but did a good job delivering her message.

We also had the worldwide leadership training after church today, delayed by a month. We watched the broadcast on the DVD player with all of the teachers in the ward there. I picked up many things, but only two really stuck in my mind. The first is something that President Packer said: A good teacher is an active learner. I try to be an active learner in my life, in things spritual and things design. And in the classroom setting a point was raised by one of the class members (Sister Beck from the Young Womens general presidency) that it is not the questions that you ask as a teacher that are the important ones, but the questions you generate from your class. A good teacher will inspire questions from their students. I was also struck by the energy of Elder Holland in his teaching of the class. And what a class it was. Members of the Quorum of the Seventy, members of the Primary, Relief Society, Young Mens and Young Womens general presidencies and new converts. It was a good and worthwhile meeting to attend.

And to top it all off our home teacher stopped by this evening as well. His son is 22 months old and can already recognize colors, the alphabet and numbers. And Madelyn and Cailin did their very first solo baking project. They made some sugar cookies that I have to say turned out very good, and very delicious.

What a nice day.

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Ready set go!

This is where it begins. Post number one. I m actually very excited to get this going because it is the first step, in my mind anyway, to the great journey that will be me finding a new job. One of my goals at the begining of the year was to get my web page going. I have since put up my home page (still a work in progress) with daily linkage to sites and things I find interesting and now this Blog.

As the title suggests I will put things here that I observe and make notes about my life. As with all blogs, my intention is to post daily but I am not sure how that will work out. I hope that having this outlet to write about the things I see and do will do two things for me: first, I hope it will make me look closer and pay more attention to the things that happen around me everyday. And second I HOPE it will improve my writing. We will see how that works out.

Enjoy the site and the blog.


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