Ready set go!

This is where it begins. Post number one. I m actually very excited to get this going because it is the first step, in my mind anyway, to the great journey that will be me finding a new job. One of my goals at the begining of the year was to get my web page going. I have since put up my home page (still a work in progress) with daily linkage to sites and things I find interesting and now this Blog.

As the title suggests I will put things here that I observe and make notes about my life. As with all blogs, my intention is to post daily but I am not sure how that will work out. I hope that having this outlet to write about the things I see and do will do two things for me: first, I hope it will make me look closer and pay more attention to the things that happen around me everyday. And second I HOPE it will improve my writing. We will see how that works out.

Enjoy the site and the blog.




  1. Sean said

    When will you post my comment?

  2. Sean said

    How come it didn’t show my first comment?

  3. Sean said

    You can delete these comments right?

  4. Sean said

    It still did not show my 1st or 3rd comments! Dang.

  5. Sean said

    it is now only showing my 2nd , 4th, 5th, 6th, and now 7th comments. Finish reading my paper please.

  6. Sean said


  7. Sean said

    with (a) daily linkage?

  8. Sean said

    with a daily linkage to sites and things I find interesting, and now for something we hope you really like!

  9. Saleha said

    Looking forward to see the other setions in your website ativated. =)

  10. bill said

    I like it! I hope to do some expanding of my own as soon as I learn to upload with Dreamweaver. You techy guys have all the advantage. I used some of the text videos today; Erin’s I had, Ben’s I got off his site, but your’s and Sean’s remain a distant memory. I’m covering graphic design in my lectures this week and had to mention the ‘stars’ from Hays. I love your family pics and quips – that’s why I’ll probably steal the general idea. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. We miss you guys. Bill

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