Things I Miss About Spring

I was thinking this morning about the things I miss. Specifically things I miss about spring. I miss dandilions of all things. Those happy yellow weeds that turn into amazing little puff balls that are so much fun to blow into the wind and kick on the run. I miss the smell of fresh cut grass and being able to stay out a little bit later ever day. The color of the sky and the change of the trees and the smell in the air. I miss the April showers that bring May flowers. The smell of the fresh rain on the asphalt streets and the sounds of cars swishing by. The dashing from the car to the building and back again and the squeaking of wet shoes on tile floors. I miss grass stains on the knees and washing the car on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Little blossoms peaking out of the ground and the feeling that summer and all the adventure that it brings will be here before too long.

It has been summer here in Abu Dhabi for almost a month now. Temperatures in the 90’s and sometimes 100’s. There was a dust storm today that as soon as I walked outside after church I could feel my body react to the heat and dust. It sure will be nice to get back home and have all four seasons again.

So nice.


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