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Future Indie Rocker

I realized today that I am raising my girls up right. When we got in the car to go to school, WeSing was in the CD player. When I canged the music Cailin made two requests that demonstrated that musical taste just might be genetic. Her first request was They Might Be Giants, and when I said not today she then said Spoon!

Thats my girl.


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Drawing Three

Another drawing. This is from a really old and abandoned village built into the side of a hill in Ibri, Oman. The blades on the ceiling fans were melted and I found them interesting enough to draw one.

In case you have noticed the background of my drawings so far have been the same, I use a super cool Moleskine Small Squared Notebook. Highly recommended.

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Observation One

We had a discussion in my History of Design class a week or so ago about plagiarism and “borrowing” ideas for work. A day or two later one of my students sent me a link to the NY Art Book Fair asking me if it looked familiar. Indeed it did. Just 2 months ago the identity for the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair was all over the city. Very similar. Plagiarised? Borrowed? An Homage? We may never know.

Good eye Fatima.

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Screen Print Saturday

I did some screen printing today with the 10 year old boys from church. They came over to the school and we cut some paper stencils and did a little bit of printing this afternoon. The picture above is the print I made from each of their stencils. Not Caring! was cut by Parker Thomson, Quig was cut by Sam B. Cook and the Electric Ball was cut by Connor Scott. It was a lot of fun for me. I hope the kids had fun as well.

One thing I noticed about this picture. Madelyn has my hands.

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