Observation One

We had a discussion in my History of Design class a week or so ago about plagiarism and “borrowing” ideas for work. A day or two later one of my students sent me a link to the NY Art Book Fair asking me if it looked familiar. Indeed it did. Just 2 months ago the identity for the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair was all over the city. Very similar. Plagiarised? Borrowed? An Homage? We may never know.

Good eye Fatima.


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  1. alicia said

    I actually thought it looked a bit different.
    horizontal bars do indicate books and is actually would be a common interpretation of the topic.
    infact, dont u reckon it’s more than 50? different. except for the colours which look uncannily similar.

    I like the comparison though.

    was trying to look for design and illustration studios in abu dhabi, and came across your website.
    so, hello:)

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