Notes on an opening

I went to an opening for an exhibition tonight and let me start by saying that all of the art opening type of people you see at art openings were present. The crazy haired smelly guy, the short haired very well dressed lady, lots of thick framed glasses and designer square toed shoes.

The art scene is growing in Abu Dhabi, and the work was good. The exhibition, titled “Desert Whispers” was held at the Ghaf Gallery which is one of only two or three actual galleries in Abu Dhabi. Two of my former students were part of the show and I was quite happy to see them talk about their work.

There were two notible exceptions tonight. I have never been to an opening in the U.S. where foriegn dignitaries and ambassadors attend in chauffeur driven blacked out Mercedes. Nor have I ever been offered a fresh fruit juice or soft drink by a Fillipino waitress while looking at art. I kind of like it. It should happen more often.


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