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One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Covers for There Will Be Blood

What do you notice about the above covers for There Will Be Blood? Look closely at the title for the cover on the right. The blackletter type can make it hard to see. The cover on the right reads “Where Will Be Blood”

Some friends loaned me this “advanced” copy (doesn’t release on Amazon until the 8th of April) of the movie last night and I had to share the cover. Take a look at the text on the back and see if you can make any sense of the copy.

Funny body copy

You can see a larger version with more of the great text here. I can’t really give a full review of the movie because the advanced beta copy from China skipped around a bit and I am pretty sure that I missed some important parts. I can say however that the movie, in my opinion, is not too bad. I don’t think it is as great as most people claim, but not too bad. The music was very interesting. Jason Kottke has links to lots more information and reviews.


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In the Air

Madelyn and I (mostly me) were bored the other day and I had a great idea of trying to take pictures of each other while in the air. It took a while to get the pictures, but it was fun trying. I think we will start a tradition of catching each other in the air when ever we visit an interesting place.

Madelyn floating

Me in the air.

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Observation Five

Big orange sign

I was strolling around the Global Village in January and came across this sign. I was immediately struck by how many of these countries are considered “evil” by the current U.S. administration. And I just walked right in to each “country”. Imagine that. Anything is possible in Dubai after all.

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The Next Step

I will be leaving Zayed University, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates this June to return home to the United States. It has been a good three years here and I have learned a lot about teaching and life in general. I wanted to wait until things were official before I announced to the general public my next destination. The contract has been signed and received so it is with great pleasure that I announce the following: Starting the fall 2008 semester I will be an assistant professor of art at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI. I will be in a tenure track position teaching graphic design courses to the fine (award winning) students in the Art Department of CMU. I am pretty excited about this new opportunity and all of the things I will learn from a new place and new colleagues.

I am also excited about the possibility of seeing SIU play every once in a while. The MAC has competed against the Gateway football conference and the Missouri Valley Conference in the past. It is going to be great. Kristin has some interesting facts about Michigan on her blog.

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Camel Market Panorama

Panoramic image of a camel market in Abu Dhabi

The girls had a half day of School on Wednesday so we decided to go watch some camel races. It was a good (but hot and dusty) time. On the way out I was struck by the size of the camel market and wanted to take a picture. Inspired by the beautiful panorama photographs of the Great Salt Lake by Michael Slade and the ease of stitching together photos in CS3 I snapped some pics and stitched them together. I think the overall image is not bad. Click here to get a larger version and see some of the details better.

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Turns Out I Was Wrong

I can admit when I am wrong, and I admit, I was wrong. After reading a very nice comment from Mr. Richard Grefe himself on my previous post, the Adobe® Font Folio® Education Essentials might not be as shady as I had first suspected. As Mr. Grefe states in his comment the AIGA isn’t going to make any money form the deal and there is no small print restricting usage after graduation. And thanks to Mr. Armin Vit at Speak Up, we now have a list of the the font families included in the collection. It is a well rounded collection that will serve students well in school and after graduation.

Only two complaints remain. First, I still find fault with the way Adobe is numbering the fonts. Would it really be so hard to say 25 font families for only $149? That is still just $6 per family and a great deal for the fonts included with the collection. And second, what is the deal with including Rosewood? I guess being able to produce a cowboy retro piece or a Hatch Show Print-esque poster is important. Oh well, nothing is perfect. And to echo the words of Armin, it is a step in the right direction after all.

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AIGA and Adobe’s Fleecing of Design Students

I just saw a link on Quipsologies pointing to a “new” font collection from Adobe and AIGA called the Adobe® Font Folio® Education Essentials and gave it a click. It promises nearly 500 fonts in Open Type format, is available for pre-order and will begin shipping in April. This sounds like good news for the design students of the world (or at least North America), right?

I have to admit that I am skeptical.

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