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Behind the looking glass

Old image, partially exposed

It is fun living in an older house. I have been painting the downstairs rooms over the last 2 weeks or so. We inherited a large mirror that was hung in our front entryway. When I removed it to paint the space the above photo fell to the floor. It is interesting to think about how long it has been there, who put it there and why. I think it is a picture from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C. taken by a child with a parents camera. Every house has a history, and it is fun when little clues like this surface.


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Realization made

The problem of designing books, or having the desire to design books, is that content is absolutely necessary. And the problem with content is that it is hard to create. This is my burden.

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Selling Your Life

I have seen the link to this website in a couple of different places over the last couple of days. I finally gave the link a click when I saw the domain name. I mean, how awesome is

Selling all of your stuff as an art project is not new. This guy did it almost ten years ago and got a book deal out of it too. My favorite part is the journey to visit his stuff. This seller has a different goal, to fund a 14 month stay at M Lab in Alabama. I also like that is is going to give away the rest to a local charity.

Having sold or donated all of my possessions not once, but twice in my life on different sides of the world I can say that it is liberating to dump the junk and travel light. But I can also say that starting over is harder than you might think. Especially when you have to start buying things like pots, pans and silverware.

I wish Megan luck in her goal of selling her things and making a difference in Alabama with M Lab, and more luck in re-establishing herself 14 months from now. It’s not easy.

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I Love Books

Books on a  shelf

I really do. I love the texture of the paper, the crack of the binding, the smell of the ink on the page. Especially the smell of the ink on the page. Mainly uncoated paper, it smells better. Just ask my kids. They think it is weird. One thing I REALLY like is getting free books. And whenever I see a post like this one at Design Observer I find myself thinking “How can I get a stack of free books like that?” And it is a great spread of topics too, not just best business card designs or how to make something spin in Flash books. Those are easy to get for free. I am talking about books like this one and this one.

Man, I need to get famous so I can get some free books.

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