I made a realization about screenprinted posters for concerts. The imagery used does not need to have anything to do with the type of music, the band or the album. Each of the shops that print the posters have a signature style and all of the posters they produce have that same style. It doesn’t seem to matter who they are designing for. There are a few rare instances when image and message/genre of the band mesh together to form a strong concept, but it is a form of design that is mainly eye candy. Plus, these types of posters win a LOT of awards. Examples can be seen at the site for the rock poster documentary Died Young Stayed Pretty. Two of my favorites are Aesthetic Apparatus and Jay Ryan. Other examples and proof of my theory can be found at Gig Posters. I would like to go to Flatstock some day.

So What I need to do is get a signature style and start designing posters. Easier said than done.

PS: The one thing most of them have in common is French Paper. Good stuff.


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