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Drawing Five

Light post watercolor drawing

I did another drawing the other day. I kind of like this one, and it has given me some other ideas for drawings. We will see what I can get done in the midst of the job search.


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Drawing Four

Did another drawing last night. I wanted to experiment with gouache so I mixed up some super orange and laid it down. It is quite intense, and the surface is matte, which I really like. I did another cut out and pasted it on top. I am starting to lean towards creating a collage or two this summer. There is some really inspiring work over on Randel Plowman’s site. Check it out.

Larger version of the above here.

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Drawing Three

Another drawing. This is from a really old and abandoned village built into the side of a hill in Ibri, Oman. The blades on the ceiling fans were melted and I found them interesting enough to draw one.

In case you have noticed the background of my drawings so far have been the same, I use a super cool Moleskine Small Squared Notebook. Highly recommended.

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Not Really A Drawing

But it could be considered a type of drawing I guess. Maybe a stab at Illustration? I cut the electrical tower out of a laser print and pasted it onto my really amateurish watercolor background. You can see a larger version here.

I have to say that this was a lot of fun to produce and it has given me some interesting ideas to play with this summer. I need to do more of this.

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The Couch

The first drawing, unless you count the RSS feed thing, which I don’t. I told you I need to work on my skills. I am also starting to play with water color. I need some work on that too.

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(re)Learning to draw

I was reading the book Chasing the Perfect by Natalia Ilyin not too long ago and she talks in the first chapter about what she calls the “no-draw rule” for graphic designers. (There is a nice long post about this over at Speak Up) This rule, Ilyin says, is a hold over from the early days of modernism. Something that stemed from the belief that drawing is a craft and is below the work of a designer, the idea maker. I think that this rule used to apply, but not so much any more. Designers draw all the time, and draw well. I think I fall less under the no-draw rule and more under the can’t-draw rule.

Don’t get me wrong, I can make sketches, and I can make a drawing well enough to get my point across to my students when trying to express an idea or help them visualize their ideas. But I can’t DRAW. I can’t make pretty pictures that make people say “I wish I could do that. He is SO creative!” And I want to. Really bad. I see things that make me say “Hey, that looks like fun. I wish I could do that.” So I have decided that I am going to learn how to draw again.

I used to be ok at drawing. I had an instructor for a life drawing course that actually thought I was a drawing major (my greatest moment as a drawer). So I used to be able to do it, and fairly well. But I have forgotten how. I was watching an episode of the PBS show Art:21 not too long ago and Richard Serra was one of their featured artists. There are a lot of shots of him walking around his sculptures and making drawings of them. When asked what he is doing he said that he is “keeping his eye and hand together.” He talks about keeping his hand and eye together, in coordination with what he sees. The more you draw, the better you see. It is that philosophy, or attitude, that has real application to all forms of visual communication, design included. And that is why I want to learn how to draw, again.

So my goal is, ideally, to make a drawing every day. But I will settle for one a week if the daily thing doesn’t work out. I hope to post said drawings here so the whole world can watch me learn how to draw again. And if no one sees, then at least I have a digital back-up if I ever loose my sketchbook.

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