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Of Children’s Mysteries and Art Histories

What can a children’s mystery teach us about art history and the importance of not just looking at the world around us, but actually seeing the world around us? You might be quite surprised.

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The Jets vs. The Sharks

So when I get home from work today Kristin tells me that Cailin got bit at school. By what, you may ask? A bug? A small animal? Nope. Another kid. A fourth grader.

As it turns out my two darling little girls started a gang fight at school today. Third graders against the fourth graders. All out warfare on the playground and a trip to the principles office. Madelyn insists it was all a big misunderstanding. One or two kids pushing or yelling is a misunderstanding. Gang warfare between grades is on a whole different level.

Oh well, at least they are leaders and not followers.

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Definitely not a mix up at the hospital. Hope is one of us. The picture of Emma was taken a few months ago and when Hope pulled that face I new right away they were cut from the same cloth. We have some exciting times ahead of us.

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