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The above image is one of the many reasons I will not be sad to leave the UAE in June. It has been almost three years since I have been able to look at anything on Flickr. Or read a blog that is hosted on Typepad (no Chris Glass, No Swissmiss etc…). Or use Skype. Or use iChat because the government owned (and only) internet provider doesn’t like AOL. Or any number of other things that the UAE finds objectionable or might cut into their bottom line. And you never know when something might disappear behind an impenetrable light blue wall.


Update: You can now add ffffound to the list. Another one bites the dust.
Update 2: And Twitter goes down. They’re dropping like flies.


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New and Improved

Well, I finally finished the re-design of and it looks pretty good I think. The only thing missing are a few portfolio images that will be posted as soon as the keys for the flashes get back from Indiana.

I re-designed this blog a few days ago as a preview, but no one saw it before the launch. Which brings to mind the old saying “If a guy re-designs a website and no one sees it, is it really re-designed?” The answer is yes.

Check it out.

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