Selling Your Life

I have seen the link to this website in a couple of different places over the last couple of days. I finally gave the link a click when I saw the domain name. I mean, how awesome is

Selling all of your stuff as an art project is not new. This guy did it almost ten years ago and got a book deal out of it too. My favorite part is the journey to visit his stuff. This seller has a different goal, to fund a 14 month stay at M Lab in Alabama. I also like that is is going to give away the rest to a local charity.

Having sold or donated all of my possessions not once, but twice in my life on different sides of the world I can say that it is liberating to dump the junk and travel light. But I can also say that starting over is harder than you might think. Especially when you have to start buying things like pots, pans and silverware.

I wish Megan luck in her goal of selling her things and making a difference in Alabama with M Lab, and more luck in re-establishing herself 14 months from now. It’s not easy.


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  1. You have provided an awesome resource.

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